Getting started - rigging the Cube

What height do I want to rig the Cube at? What am I trying to capture? Birds? Rabbits?  Tigers ? Elephants? It’s always nice to rig your camera at roughly eye height of your target species.

Are there any natural features I can use – trees  / rock face etc or should I mount it to a ground spike or use a mini tripod?


In this example I want to rig the Cube a couple of feet off the ground in  woodland in the hope of filming deer.

Find a suitable tree which gives you the framing you’re after. Choose a suitable length ratchet strap (for example our 3m Camo ratchet (

Strap the Cube tree bracket (with the ball head and quick release attached) firmly to the tree.

 Your trap is currently still safely in your bag. 

With the Cube bracket firmly attached to the tree, release the ball head, swivel the quick release into roughly the right position and then lock the ball head. Simply slot your Cube onto the quick release mount. Make sure the red lock lever engages!


For further details on fine tuning your shot – see our instructional videos to come….