How long will the battery last on the Cambush Cube?

Probably the most commonly asked question and with good reason.  It’s also not a simple one to answer.  We like to split it into standby time and recording time.  Standby time is how long the trap can sit dormant waiting to be triggered.  The Cube can last up to 200 days on a single charge, which we think is pretty impressive.  We measure recording time as how long the camera can record for set to its highest 4k setting.  This will vary but as a baseline the Cube can record for up to 10 hours on a full charge.  Obviously one impacts on the other.  If your trap has been in the field for 100 days already don’t expect it to be able to record for 10 hours as you will have used up half the battery charge.  Conversely if your trap records for five hours in the first week of deployment, don’t expect it to be able to keep working for another 190 days. 

What size SD card can use in the Cambush Cube?

The cube has been adapted to take SDXC cards and we have tested cards up to 512GB in capacity.  We recommend Sandisk Extreme Pro V30 if you wish to record in 4K at 100MBs.

Can I plug a monitor into my Cube to help me set it up?

Yes! We have fitted a Mini B size HDMI port on the main interface panel to allow this.  You can plug in any 4K compatible monitor with HDMI input and this makes framing and focusing much easier and more reliable.  Note that if you have your Camera set to 4K mode it will not output the camera menu to the HDMI port.   To be able to see menus on your monitor, set your camera to HD first.

Do your traps record Audio?

Yes, but you will need to fit an optional microphone to the port on the front of the trap for clear sound.  We recommend and sell the Edutige ETM-001 mic which is very compact and super sensitive.

Are your camera traps waterproof?

All our traps and triggers are rated IP67 for ingress protection.  We do not recommend they be deliberately submerged.  They are not designed for use underwater but have been extensively tested in wet weather conditions all over the world.  We even go to the trouble of coating our electronics to protect them against humid environments.  All our enclosures are also fitted with a membrane pressure equalisation valve to further protect against moisture ingress. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure all seals are clean and free from obstruction and that lids are closed and catches are correctly fastened to ensure the integrity of the IP rating.

Can you lock the Cambush Cube?

Yes.  There is a locking eye with an 8.5mm hole designed to take the Masterlock Python or other padlock of your choice.

How do you mount the Cambush Cube?

We have made it super easy to fix your Cube in exactly the right place.  There are two standard ¼ x 20 camera tripod screw points, one on the base and one on the rear of the Cube. It comes fitted with a neat dovetail quick release adapter and our high quality mini ball heads and tree bracket.  The quick release mount can easily be moved from the rear to the base of the cube to suit your needs.

Can I add a filter to my Cube?

Yes.  We have fitted a 37mm filter ring to the front of the cube for precisely this purpose.  We offer a high quality variable ND filter in our store which allows 1-8.6 stops of adjustment.

Can I trigger more than one Trap at a time from a single trigger?

Yes,  thanks to the clever way we have built the RF system you can pair any number of traps with a trigger and each trap can be paired with up to 5 triggers.  This allows you to be as creative as you like with your cameratrap setup.

Does the Cambush Cube film in Infrared?

No.  Unfortunately The camera does not have that feature.  This is something we are looking at for a future model. It is possible to shoot infrared with our larger Classic traps by fitting a converted camera into it. We've done this on many occasions.

Can you use lights with the Cube or Classic traps?

The simple answer is yes, however we don’t yet have a production version of our Cambush Moonlight.  This is being worked on and we hope to have it ready for launching soon.  The light will be programmable  and will be turned on by the trap when it is triggered.  It will be independently powered and wirelessly connected to the trap.

Can I use the Cube for still photos?

Soon. We working on a new build and firmware update.  The RX0ii is capable of taking single, burst and high speed burst photos at up to 15.3 Mpixels.

Does the Cube work with flash?

We are working on a new accessory which will allow this feature.  Please see our website or subscribe to our mailing list for updates.


If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please do email us and we will do our best to answer any queries. Many thanks, the Cambush team.