Cambush trigger rigging

Our specially designed Cambush triggers are wireless (no cables to be nibbled through by the local rodents) . You can use up to 5 triggers working alongside each trap and there’s no limit to how many traps you can link to one trigger.

Want a multicamera, multi-angle shot? No problem – Cambush can do it.

Two traps working with the same triggers to give 2 different angles from one triggering instance.


We offer 2 types of trigger; the beam break and remote PIR.

The beam break comprises 2 small boxes, standing 4” / 10cm tall. One box (the transmitter) fires a beam to the other box (the receiver). If this beam is broken, the receiver sends a message to the camera to switch on.


For situations where a beam isn’t practical, consider using a PIR (passive infra-red) – for example on a den entrance. The PIR is a single box (4” / 10cm tall) which detects movement of body heat travelling across its detection area. It works much the same as a security light on a house. Our PIR has built-in barn doors for adjusting the detection area.

Rigging your triggers.

Consider what height your intended species is travelling at. If possible rig to a natural feature – tree / rock etc. If you want to rig low to the ground we offer 2 heights of ground spike (450mm and 170mm)   All our triggers come complete with a high quality mini ball head and tree bracket making it super easy to fine tune your rigging angles.

Aligning the beam break triggers.

It’s important to align these accurately. Our BBs have a built in visual indicator to make this process straight-forward. Turn on the RX, making sure the receiving window is opposite the TX. Select ‘align’ mode on the RX menu. Turn on the TX and line it up roughly with the RX. There is an indicator light on the RX above the receiving window which will light up when the TX and RX are well-aligned.


Here’s the side view of the RX – you can see the small LED which will light up when the TX and RX are aligned.